Kristi CoffeeI’m a coffee addict. There, I said it. My awesome hubby has a steaming mug of coffee with cream ready for me every morning, as there are unconfirmed rumors that I’m a little cranky before that first cup. Anyway, one day I was running errands a few blocks from my house and thought I’d try a short cut behind one of the stores. Seemingly out of nowhere, I saw this cute little coffee shop, called Kunjani Coffee, that looked crowded, and I wondered how I could have missed it before. Especially because it was so close to my house and I’d clearly driven by it hundreds of times. *insert Twilight Zone music playing inside my head*

Of course, I had to give the coffee a try and it was amazing. When I drove back out to the main road, the shop wasn’t visible from the main road—it was like it had vanished—so later that night, I asked my hubby if he’d been there. He said he had just come across it, also by accident, and was surprised the shop was so tucked away. As an aside, I recently met a fellow Wicked Ink Books author there one day for coffee and she told me she’d had the same surprised reaction when she first came across the shop.

Every book I’ve written has started with a “what if?” premise—for instance, my sci-fi series started with the question ‘What if our sun burned out early?” When I discovered this coffee shop, I thought “what if there was a shop that only certain people could see?” which led to my next question, “What if the barista and customers weren’t who they appeared to be?” My imagination wandered and the idea for Countdown Café was born.

Without giving too much away, I coupled this idea with my long-standing fascination involving all things ghosts, death, and the thin veil between our world and others. Countdown Café explores the unshakeable bond between sisters, a love that transcends death, and the idea that life often involves the unexplainable. It’s like a java-infused episode of the Twilight Zone. Thanks so much for reading and I hope you enjoy Countdown Café.

Written by Kristi Helvig

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