• The Magic of Inspiration – A.G. Henley

    Authors are often asked what inspired them to write a particular book, and I’m no exception. I’ve answered many an interview question about what led me to write The Scourge, the first book in my Brilliant Darkness series, to the point that I may or may not have saved my response to use in the… Read more »

  • Which Author Inspired Me the Most?

    Sue Duff   My mother was an avid reader and she instilled the love of books in us at a very young age. She’s march us into the library each week or so to check out books, and every afternoon we were expected to take a nap, or read. I was not much of a… Read more »

  • My Author Influences – Kristi Helvig

    I was a voracious reader as a child. Reading was like breathing me. There wasn’t much I liked better than grabbing an entire sleeve of Ritz crackers for sustenance and curling up on the couch with a good book. It’s difficult to talk about author influences because I had so many at different times. After… Read more »

  • Which Authors Inspire Me: Wendy Terrien

    Which Authors Inspire Me, and Why? Wendy Terrien I’ve thought about this question a lot, and there’s no easy answer, no simple answer. Many authors have inspired me in different ways. I decided the best way for me to answer this question is with bullets – snapshots into the who and why. There are so… Read more »

  • Which Authors Have Inspired Me – Shawn McGuire

    This turned out to be a hard topic for me. In fact, I asked my Wicked Ink sisters if I could write about something else. They said no. Sigh. That’s okay, because being an author means challenging yourself… and surrounding yourself with author friends who will push you. Which authors have inspired me? I had,… Read more »

  • The Story Behind the Story: The Door

    My interest in writing short stories started a couple of years ago. I always told myself I had too much to say to write short, so that’s why I wrote novels. I was up for a challenge, though, and when I came across an online short story writing class, I signed up right away. The… Read more »

  • The Story Behind the Story: Countdown Cafe

    I’m a coffee addict. There, I said it. My awesome hubby has a steaming mug of coffee with cream ready for me every morning, as there are unconfirmed rumors that I’m a little cranky before that first cup. Anyway, one day I was running errands a few blocks from my house and thought I’d try… Read more »

  • The Story Behind the Story: Untimely

    My novella, Untimely, stars Ellie, a college-bound history buff determined to stop a time traveling thief of the future from stealing a piece of the past. The picturesque settings of the town of Charlottesville, Virginia figure prominently in the story, as do the University of Virginia and Monticello, the home of Thomas Jefferson. I live… Read more »

  • The Story Behind the Story: The Fate Stone

    On Reincarnation and Quantum Theory—No really, this is interesting!  Reincarnation is an intriguing topic. Who hasn’t wondered about it? I mean really, is life a one-and-done thing? And at the end, we cease to exist? And if so, what’s the point? Theories abound. Many cultures and some religions believe we don’t cease to exist, and… Read more »

  • The Story Behind the Story: Duo’vr

    In my short story, Duo’vr, I chose to write about an intergalactic princess who has a very narrow view of her life and world, despite her living at the edge of space! Through a series of events that befall her, she discovers her worth and the power that even a single decision can wield over… Read more »