FeaturedImage_ShawnMcGuireThis turned out to be a hard topic for me. In fact, I asked my Wicked Ink sisters if I could write about something else. They said no. Sigh. That’s okay, because being an author means challenging yourself… and surrounding yourself with author friends who will push you.

Which authors have inspired me? I had, and still do have, a wide range of tastes in reading. Maybe that’s what makes this topic so hard for me. I’ve read so many books from so many authors over the years, how can I possible narrow it down? When I was a pre-teen, my mom was thrilled that I wanted to read and declared that nothing was off limits for me. I remember reading The Exorcist at… twelve? My grandmother read romance, my dad read horror. Since they were the two biggest readers in my life, I followed them and read Danielle Steele and Stephen King. No wonder I like to mix genres!

All of that reading eventually led me to writing. For a long time, my writing was just for me, something I did for pure enjoyment. And then came JK Rowling. I remember getting so deeply involved with one of the novels that when I looked up from the page, I couldn’t figure out where I was. Where had the moving staircase gone? Where were all the witches and wizards? From that moment, I wanted to be able to do for a reader what Ms. Rowling had just done for me – create a world where a reader would get lost. I don’t know if I’ve done that yet, but I won’t stop until I have!

Today, my inspiration doesn’t come only from the authors I’ve read, but also from the authors I’ve been blessed to meet and can now call my friends. Inspiration comes from the authors who, like JK Rowling, do this writing thing their way and achieve success, whatever success means to them. That definition is, and should be, different for everyone.

All of you authors out there who never give up on your dream and keep pushing forward, you inspire me. All of you indie authors who are putting out the books that you are passionate about, you inspire me. Authors like Toby Neal and Susan Kaye Quinn who have reached impressive levels of success, by anyone’s definition, and are sharing what they’ve learned along the way with the rest of us, you inspire me. My dear author friends who push me to make my work the best it can be, and take a chance on a new genre that is currently sparking my muse, you inspire me. Thank you, all.

Well, look at that. I wrote the post that I thought would be so hard. Maybe because I was being too literal. Sometimes, whether you’re and author or not, the source for your inspiration isn’t always obvious. Sometimes you need to dig deeper and look for it from a different angle. So, where does your inspiration come from? Do you know where to look?

Peace, love, and good wishes!

Written by Sue Duff

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