smiling pose self-cAuthor Sue Duff dropped by for her interview today, and we’re super exicted to share her with you! Sue’s story in TICK TOCK: Seven Tales of Time is called Duo’vr, in which a princess’s wedding gift comes with a price.

What do you never leave home without, and why?
My sunglasses, cell phone and prescription eye glasses! I’m sensitive to the sun after growing up in Phoenix, Arizona. I’m lost without my navigation app and my cell phone contacts (who memorizes phone #’s anymore?!), besides it helps me to stay on top of my numerous email accounts. Oh, and I can’t read a thing without my glasses, which directly relates back to those talking navigation apps!

What is your fav secret indulgence?
ICE CREAM, followed closely by brownies. I have a terrible sweet tooth and can’t seem to make it through a day without indulging it in at least a small, or big, way.

What is your favorite way to celebrate finishing a novel?
A BIG bowl of my favorite ice cream, then straight upstairs to soak in a steamy bath with my favorite tunes, and more than one candle burning. Afterwards, I snuggle up with my ignored, attention-seeking Great Dane in bed and veg in front of a TV for about two days. I always put everyday things off while I’m engrossed in finishing a novel, so the laundry, house straightening and cleaning, etc. inevitably come a few days later!

What got you started with writing? What drives you to keep writing?
I needed to distract myself from my life at the time and discovered getting lost in a world I could control was better than therapy—and a whole lot cheaper! Over time, I found that I preferred spending all of my free time writing, and my second career took off from there! I’ve met such great people and supportive co-authors (like all the gal pals that make up Wicked Ink) and I can’t imagine my life without them, or writing.

Are you more of a half-full or half-empty kind of person? How does that influence the development of your characters—plots—endings?
Half-full for sure! It definitely influences my writing, and I try to keep the endings to my novels with a hint of hope, or well-deserved reward for my character(s). I have to admit, though, I enjoy torturing my flawed characters so that they appreciate the ending that much more—I did mention that therapy bit, right?

Do you ever see yourself switching genres?
I already encompass suspense, mystery, romance and gobs of adventure while combining fantasy and science fiction elements in my current novels. I suppose I have the best of all worlds, right now!

What’s the best writing advice you’ve ever been given?
Write for yourself and not to fit into a mold, or to please others. If you try to write what’s currently popular, by the time it’s publishable, the fad has likely passed you by. Write what you enjoy and would want to read yourself. You’ll be spending a lot of time with it: editing it, rehashing it, etc. You might as well enjoy it from the get-go.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? In 10 years?
Still writing, publishing and hopefully still loving it five years from now! I never feel more alive than when I am working on my latest novel. I love hanging out with my characters, torturing them, and working on world-building. In ten years I hope to be doing it full time while traveling to the far reaches of our planet. I’m counting on getting all kinds of future novel ideas doing that!

Thanks for reading about Sue! You can learn more about her books and connect with her online here.

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Corinne O'Flynn is a native New Yorker who now lives in Colorado and wouldn't trade life in the Rockies for anything. She loves writing flash and experimenting with short fiction. She is a scone aficionado, has an entire section of her kitchen devoted to tea, and is always on the...
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