smiling pose self-cSUE DUFF dreamed of dragons and spaceships before she could read and it’s only natural that she combines both fantasy and science fiction as her favorite writing genre. She is the author of The Weir Chronicle series. When she’s not writing she can be found walking her Great Dane, getting her hands dirty in her garden, or creating something delicious in her kitchen. She calls Colorado home and, when not saving the world one page at a time, is a speech therapist in an inner city school district.

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FADE TO BLACKFadetoBlack_ebook_Final
Book One: The Weir Chronicles

Colorado Gold Writers Contest finalist, 2011. YA category

“A stunning debut with a thrilling mix of SciFi and Fantasy. Duff has a real hit on her hands.” Therian Reviews  /  “Duff deserves applause.” Kirkus Reviews

Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Goodreads, iBooks, GooglePlay, iAuthor, Smashwords, KOBO, retail bookstores
Paperback: ISBN 978-0-9905628-0-1
Hardback: ISBN 978-0-9905628-1-8

Ian Black is an illusionist with a talent for keeping secrets. College student Rayne Bevan has a gift for uncovering them. She suspects the popular performer’s skills extend beyond the stage and that he’s the area’s mysterious and elusive defender of the innocent. In her efforts to uncover the truth, she is swept into a hidden world of the Weir, a magical race who struggle to prevent Earth from self-destructing. Her inquiries expose Ian to those who would kill for his connection to the planet, and as he fights to keep Rayne safe, they discover a force behind the Weir’s raging civil war – a traitor bent on launching Earth’s Armageddon.


MASKS AND MIRRORSMaskandMirrors_ebook_Final_small
Book Two: The Weir Chronicles

“What an explosive adventure! This is coming from a first time reader to the series, I am definitely hooked!” AMomentSilence

Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Goodreads, iBooks, Smashwords, KOBO, and retail bookstores
Paperback: ISBN 978-0-9905628-4-9
Hardback: ISBN 978-0-9905628-5-6

Ian Black’s commitment to safeguarding Earth has come at a price. His career as an illusionist is at a standstill and attending to the planet’s needs has distanced him from his best friend, his guardians, and the woman he loves. When presented with an opportunity to perform, Ian seizes the chance. But moments before he takes the stage, Ian encounters the mysterious Jaered and a rebel force fighting to protect Earth alongside the Weir. Jaered is determined to stop a malevolent Weir from releasing a drug capable of wiping out the last vestiges of their race and plunging Earth into self-destruction. But when Jaered is willing to sacrifice an innocent child to obtain the drug for himself, Ian risks everything to uncover the secrets of the rebel forces and their true intentions for Earth’s survival.


SLEIGHT OF HANDSleightofHand_ebook_Final-1 (2)
Book Three: The Weir Chronicles

“I am in awe of how brilliantly written this series is, mixing magical fantasy with science to bring a thoroughly entertaining read.” Roxanne Kade @ Therian Reviews / “This is an awesome series, you really need to check this out. It’s a great young adult story that any age will love.” 
JBronder Book Reviews

Available on Amazon, and through retail bookstores. Will be available April 2016 at Barnes&Noble, iBooks, Smashwords, KOBO
Paperback: ISBN 978-0-9970156-1-4
Hardback: ISBN 978-0-9970156-0-7

The rebels poison Ian and it’s up to Rayne and Patrick to find a cure before their friend succumbs and Earth’s fate is left in the hands of adversaries intent on taking control of the planet. To obtain answers, Rayne must travel to an alternate world where few survive as Patrick unearths the secrets of the rebels and discovers a truth that shatters his beliefs about the Weir and the future of Earth.





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